Lil' Heroes

Created by Spanish artist, Edgar Plans, in partnership with Exile Content Studio and Candle Media,
Lil’ Heroes is an entertainment brand.


Edgar Plans

Faux Naïf Spanish Artist

Edgar Plans @edgarplans (born 1977 in Madrid) is a Spanish contemporary visual artist. A painter from a very young age, he delivers pure artistic expression in childlike art pieces.

Edgar’s Artwork

His vivid and raw cartoons glean elements from the works of American icons Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Currently displayed in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, his artworks are sought after around the World, breaking records in auction houses like Christie’s.

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The latest from Edgar Plans:
Lil' Villains

The Story From a Villain's Perspective

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Lil' Heroes?

Lil’ Heroes – The Artwork is a unique and never-before-seen NFT collection inspired by the work of Spanish contemporary visual artist Edgar Plans who sees his subjects as vessels for raising awareness about socio-political issues such as gender violence, racism, and climate change.

24 hours after its launch, the Lil Heroes NFT Collection from Exile Content Studio, artist Edgar Plans and Curatible created a sensation in the NFT world. Generating approximately $25 million in trading activity, Lil Heroes crossed the 7,800 ETH volume traded on Opensea and reached the #1 in its rankings of Top NFT collections by trading volume in 24hrs.

Lil’ Heroes – The Series is an animated adventure comedy for all ages (but really for ages 6 to 13) that will give those same characters a place to live and a voice to be heard.

Who is Edgar Plans?

Edgar Plans is a Madrid-born artist whose work has been featured in the Almine Rech in Paris, Brussels and Shanghai. He has also been featured in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Galeria Miquel Alzueta in Barcelona. His expressive and colorful mouse-eared characters are known as the Animal Heroes. Plans uses these big-eyed cartoons in contrast to urban backdrops using mixed media. These images are meant to be social commentaries on racism and gender equality.

Who is our community?

Thousands of fans have already claimed ownership of these characters online through NFTs and they will continue to play an intricate part in the creation of the world and its storylines through social media exchanges and multi-layered platform involvement. Their input will help shape the show.

Who is Exile?

Exile Content Studio creates content in Spanish and English for a global audience across multiple platforms — TV, Film, Audio and Digital. Exile’s team has led content production for the largest Spanish-language media companies in the world with responsibility for film studios, OTT service, broadcast and cable networks, music, news and digital. The company’s current slate includes award-winning talent across genres and formats. To stay up to date on Exile’s projects, follow @ExileContent on Twitter and Instagram.

Who is Candle?

Exile Content Studio is a part of Candle Media, an independent, creator-friendly home for cutting-edge, high-quality, category-defining brands and franchises built for the digital age. By bringing together elite talent operating at the intersection of content, community, and commerce, it helps position leading entertainment businesses for accelerated, sustainable growth in the current market and beyond. Candle was founded by its Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs, leading entertainment executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, and backed by investment capital from funds managed by Blackstone’s flagship private equity business.